Tacere scrisa.
Name :Hellene
Nick Name :Rusthia
Birthdate :May,13  1993
Birthplace :Bucharest,Romania
Current Location :The whole world
Eye Color :Brown
Hair Color :Blonde
Height :1,69 cm
Weight :60
Piercings :3
Tatoos :wanted
Boyfriend/Girlfriend :engaged
Vehicle :Legs
Overused Phrase :i'm so cute,no?
Food :Pasta
Pub/Disc/Restaurant :Jackson Bar,Serendipity,Green Hours
Candy :lol lolly pop
Number :3,13
Color :Blue,Green,Black...etc
Animal :Dog
Drink :Beer,Jack Daniels,etc.
Body Part on Opposite sex :Eyes,smile
Perfume :Dior
TV Show :Miami Ink
Music Album :Camille Sain-Saens - La ronde des animalux
Movie :August Rush,TED
Actor/Actress :Whatever
This or That
Pepsi or Coke :Pepsi
McDonalds or BurgerKing :none
Chocolate or VanillaChocolate
Hot Chocolate or Coffee :Hot Chocolate
Kiss or Hug :Kiss and Hug
Dog or Cat :Dogs and Cats
Rap or Punk :Rock
Summer or Winter :Autumn
Scary Movies or Funny Movies :Lovely movies
Love or Money :Love
Bedtime :Say whaaat?
Most Missed Memory : Disneyland in Paris
Best phyiscal feature :Dont't worry,be happy!
First Thought Waking Up :Rise and shine!
Ambition :To be the greatest musician in the whole world
Best Friends :My dog
Weakness :Dark
Fears :Loneliness
Longest relationship :3 years
Cheated Your Partner :No
Ever been beaten up :No,lol
Ever beaten someone up :Yea O.o just once
Ever Shoplifted :Maybe (jk no,lol)
Ever Skinny Dipped :Yea
Ever Kissed Opposite sex :Oh my...yea,d'uh
Been Dumped Lately :I donno
Favorite Eye Color :Any color =3 even red
Favorite Hair Color :Same *Favorite Eye Color
Short or Long :Long
Height :1,75 - 1,90 cm
Style :Funny
Looks or Personality :Personality and looks
Hot or CuteSo,cute means gay in this survey,but i'm bisexual,so cute and hot
Muscular or Really Skinny :Muscular,please.
What country do you want to Visit :Japan,China,Ireland
How do you want to Die :Making love
Been to the Mall Lately :Say whaaaaat?
Get along with your Parents :Yea,why not?
Health Freak :Nop
Do you think your Attractive :Indeed!
Believe in Yourself :Indeed!
Want to go to College :I'm going to Music College
Do you Smoke :Yes
Do you Drink :Yes,i'm not an alchoolic
Shower Daily :Fuck ?
Been in Love :I'm in love
Do you Sing :Jazz
Want to get Married :I'm engaged
Do you want Children :2
Age you wanna lose your Virginity :=3 wtf? I'm engaged
Hate anyone :yea,this survey. =3
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